Do you deliver?

Yes!  Additional charges may apply.

Do you ship your products?

We want our products to reach our customers in the best condition possible; therefore, we will only        
ship our un-iced pound cakes and cookies.

We will only ship guaranteed next day delivery. Additional charges will apply.

Can I freeze your products?

Our products are delivered to you fresh. Since we do not freeze our products, we cannot assure             
the quality if frozen.  If you must freeze - we recommend wrapping the box tightly in plastic wrap          
and  leaving it unwrapped while it thaws.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We do not use added preservatives; therefore, we suggest consuming our products the day you              
receive them. With proper storage you may them keep about two days... We don't think they will stay    
around that long!

Do you make sugar-free desserts?

Sugar-free products are not part of our standard offering.  We have however; by special request,            
prepared a select variety of sugar-free pies and cookies.

Do you use fondant on your cakes?

No. We were founded and remain committed to the concept of old-fashioned, made from scratch          

Do you make wedding cakes?

Sweet Tooth Desserts
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